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Do’s and Don’ts of Home Renovations

Do’s and Don’ts of Home Renovations

Renovating your home is a big investment, an investment that is meant to increase the value of your home and make it more comfortable.  It’s pretty easy to let the budget and the pace of the project get out of control.  You need a plan and you need to stick to it, here are some do’s and don’ts of home renovations that will help you keep your project on track.

Here are the Do’s:

  1. Measure everything twice. There is an old saying “measure twice and cut once” that holds true.  Before you start planning out your renovation you need careful and accurate measurements so you know the size of flooring, doors and cabinets that will be installed in your home.
  2. Vet your contractor. There are a million horror stories about an unscrupulous contractor ripping off an unsuspecting homeowner.  Either they do substandard work or just take the money and run.  You don’t want either of these situations so make sure you triple check the references, licenses and insurance for any contractor you hire.
  3. Put together a budget. If you don’t want the expenses to get out of control then you need a realistic budget. Your budget needs to not only take into account the materials and labor but any unexpected emergencies that may happen while you’re renovating.  Murphy’s Law applies, if it can go wrong it will.
  4. Stay organized and on top of things. While you’re working with a contractor most of the work will fall on them, that being said live up to your responsibilities.  If that means that you have to buy the flooring or countertops then make sure they are bought and delivered for when your contractor is ready to install them.
  5. Be nice. Not all contractors are out to rip you off so treat them well.  You can be polite and professional with everyone that is working on your project.  You don’t want to butt heads throughout your project, it will make everyone miserable.

Here are the Don’ts:

  1. Don’t expect everything to go smoothly. The bigger the project the more opportunity there is for things to go wrong.  You can prepare as much as you can but still expect the unexpected.
  2. Don’t expect things to be clean and tidy. Renovations make a HUGE mess, so much so that you may want to leave your home until they are done.  If you are sticking around or will be there to supervise then cleaning up as you go will help.  The dust may never seem to go away but keeping the workspace clean helps keep everyone more productive.
  3. Don’t forget to cover the floors. If you are keeping your existing flooring then you need to protect it.  Through down some drop cloths while the work is being done.
  4. Don’t paint until all of the work is done. When work is going on there is a chance the walls can get damaged, it is easy to fix drywall but not so easy to fix paint.  Painting should be the absolute last step in your remodel.
  5. Don’t get stressed. That is easier said than done, but try and keep your cool throughout the project.


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