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6 Simple Renovations to Boost Your Curb Appeal

6 Simple Renovations to Boost Your Curb Appeal

Not everyone wants to boost their curb appeal so they can sell their house rather they want a home that they love coming home to everyday. They want to create a space that is warm and welcoming when friends and family come to visit.  Creating curb appeal doesn’t have to take a lot of time nor a great deal of money.  Here are 6 simple renovations you can do to boost your curb appeal.

1. Get a New Front Door

A new front door not only looks good but it adds an incredible amount of value for such a small investment.  If you are selling then a new front door makes your home look safe and well maintained.  Fiberglass doors are energy efficient, they look fabulous and they handle even the worst weather well with getting dented and rusty.

2. A New Steel Door for the Garage

Like your front door a new garage door can make your home look better, improve the security and be more energy efficient.  Again, you will get a great ROI if you plan to sell.  Garage doors are usually made from steel or you can have them made from wood, steel doors mean low maintenance.  Wood doors require you to stain and maintain them each year.  Make sure that your garage doors are insulated to save you on energy costs.

3. A Composite Deck

Cedar decks look amazing but you will be sanding and staining them every spring.  Choose composite decks instead, they are a little more expensive than a wooden deck but far less work.  You never have to worry about termites, broken boards or sealing.  A PVC deck will last forever, you can spend the summers enjoying your backyard with family and friends.  Decks also add great value to your home.

4. A Fresh Coat of Paint

Nothing brightens up a home like a fresh coat of paint and while you can do this project yourself you are better off bringing in a painting contractor who can get the project done in a few days.  You have a choice between oil and latex paint, ideally you want to use latex, it handles the weather and settling of your home better than oil. Latex can also be used to paint over almost any kind of exterior finish that you may have.

5. Use Brick or Concrete Edging

Using edging not only looks good but it defines your space.  Edging can keep the mulch from around your trees and flower beds from spreading everywhere, it makes your lawn easier to mow and trim.  If you decide to use bricks then you have options on the color and look you choose.  Don’t get too carried away, brick and stone can get expensive.  Talk with a landscape designer to get some help choosing the best option for your yard.

6. Local Plants and Shrubs

If you want landscaping that is low maintenance then use plants that are native to the area.  They thrive in the local conditions so you don’t have to spend everyday out there watering them or worry about them getting frostbitten in the spring and fall.  You don’t need to use fertilizers or pesticides to keep them healthy and your home will blend with the local landscaping.

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